as the name suggests im make new sideblog and use that, leavin this one to Rott

(kinda bc i wanna like. regain all my mutuals so theyre all active yknow?)
so owo @abby

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AH WELCOME BACK!! ^_^ idek wat usr i had when u left but i waz shsl/esper :DD


all u need to know is i love present mic now thank u


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If I do come back here; I might like. Archive this blog and use a new blog for my Posting.

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who wants me Bacc tm

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The legend returns???

mayb so

If I do come back here; I might like. Archive this blog and use a new blog for my Posting.

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Just wanted to say it's good to see you on my dash again :)


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omg you're back! I missed your posts so much


(idk if im back back i logged in just to tell the sheriff to play minecraft. currently not rly on medias atm due to... things)

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Also getting an ask from @abbyarchive?? Blessed

My crops are watered and my livestock is well fed

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play minecrafted with tiddy wife or else /jk

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I gotta B) on monday ill have to boot up my shaders

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i feel blessed

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I Speak It Into Existance

Why I'm Leaving Waterfall (For Now)

I just want to preface this and say that I mean no harm or discourse with this post, this is just to explain my reasonings for leaving (for now) so that my friends here can know. Because they deserve to know why I'm suddenly jumping ship once again. I'm trying to word this post as nicely as I can. I mean no ill will to Thell, or any of the other staff and users here on Waterfall. This is just my personal opinions, which are somewhat clouded by past experiences. In future I may return to Waterfall when my mind is more at ease, as I do love this site and this community dearly. I wish Thell luck with the fundraisers, and with future development of this site. And quite frankly, I can't wait to see what it'll be like if I chose to come back in future.

I joined Waterfall after some pointless drama on tumblr and twitter. One of my twitter mutuals talked about how they made an account here to see if they'd want to move from twitter to here; and I did the same. Right away I felt welcomed and decided to move here, making all my friends join too. The mods really care about their users, and everyone tried to be as friendly as possible to people here. It really felt like the beginings of a nice community.

Recently one of my stalkers found my Waterfall, which made me feel incredibly on edge. There is nothing Thell or any other mods could have done to prevent this, as it was my mistake of not blocking them (I thought that I did, but it turns out I did not), meaning that they found my account. Thell did all he could, which is offer to keep an eye on the situation going forwards. I take full responcibility in the fact that they only found me due to me not blocking them when I believed that I had been this whole time. This event put me incredibly on edge, and has meant that things I would usually ignore or gloss over have been effecting me more than usual.

The rest of this week several small things have occured that have just made me feel like leaving. All of these things have only made me feel unsafe due to the above event, and are not the faults of the people involved. I started to feel unsafe in the Discord, due to Discords blocking system not being very good. This is not the fault of Thell, and there is nothing Thell could have done here to help me because the users I have blocked have not done anything to deserve having any actions taken against them. I started to feel unsafe using my own name (Abby), which is why I started to go by Lee and change my username like 50 bazillion times. Everyone here was so so accepting of this change and I did start to feel better again.

There is also another thing that happened but I will not mention due to not wanting to bring up any drama about blocking people, and feel it would be wrong to vague post about it here.

But several miscommunications yesterday caused me to feel incredidibly unsafe, which is why I need to take the time away from Waterfall. Again, these were simply miscommunications, and me and friends not being able to read the tones of things written in text. Yesterday I took a step away from Waterfall when this started to happen, as I know I tend to act impulsively and might have started some arguments had I responded in the moment. I just posted my twitter in case anyone needed to contact me right away, and told people that I might be leaving. I could have posted this post yesterday, but I feel like had I done that the post might have been full of more. Angry words due to me not taking that step back beforehand.

The miscommunications yesterday were over vent posts. Thell answered an ask about if salt and vent blogs would be okay, and Thell answered that he would not want to have that stuff on Waterfall. Me and a friend misunderstood this as Thell saying we could not vent here, and would have to pretend to be happy all of the time. (And also because the ask was answered right as my friend was posting some "salt posts", which were not discoursy in the least just. Complaining about things offline.) My misunderstanding of this lead me to post saying that if we can't have vent blogs, I might not stick around as I tend to vent on my main and I would not want to be breaking any rules by doing so, and I feel like the outright banning of such blogs would do more harm than good. Again, this was all a miscommunication where I didn't realise what Thell meant, and Thell responded and such.

This caused a little discourse, or discussion, however you want to word it, and I took a step back. Thell made a post trying to clear things up, Moon also assisted, Babushka and others put in their thoughts, and it was sorted peacefully. And I 100% respect all of the opinions, and can 100% respect how this situation was sorted peacefully. I am incredibly on edge at the moment and so some of the things Thell said rubbed me the wrong way. Again none of this is Thell's fault, I am not the best at understanding intention with words and so I 100% put the blame on myself again for misunderstanding Thell's intents with what he was saying. From what I do understand, what Thell wants for Waterfall I agree with totally. But some of the wording in said posts, a couple of messages from the discord and a couple of peoples reactions to it has made me feel like I just need a little time away from Waterfall to try and get back to normal so I am not quite on edge, so when I return I can feel as safe here as possible.

It is not the fault of Thell or anyone here that I am leaving, I just wanted to make a post for my friends explaining why I need time away. Thell is a great site runner, who truely cares about the community he has under his wing and does his best to resolve issues, keep users safe, and understand things he personally cannot relate to for the better of the community. I do love waterfall, but due to my own issues it has made seemingly unimportant events a bigger deal for me, and I just need to step away before it either harms me, or I make things here worse.

Again I mean no harm with this post and if anything I said here harms, offends or any of the like, please know that I am truely sorry as that is not my intent at all. I am fully putting the blame on myself for the miscommunications, and am just trying to explain for my friends why I need time away.

I don't think I'll be back on here for a while.

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im gonna close wf and go to twitter for a while n see how i feel later

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cos im in a bad mood but i dont wanna cause drama so im gonna Step Away and come back later.

im gonna close wf and go to twitter for a while n see how i feel later

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okay, so how do we escape Waterfall pollution?

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i get what you mean, @staff. i get it. a lot of negativity on tumblr starts when someone deeply affected by the issue writes about it before even thinking, in the most passive-aggressive way possible. and before op blinks, it gets spread like wildfire. sooner or later no normal posts are left because it's easier to anger or guilt trip people into interacting than to actually talk to them. not to mention discourse blogs and hate blogs, specifically created to spread negativity, with urls aka "your-fave-hates-you". this is awful. i get it. 

but at the same time, you can't just... Make people cancel out negative emotions?

According to a scientific documentary "Inside Out" about five emotions living in human brain, most of the emotions all human feelings are based on are negative! fear, anger, disgust, sadness. no one wants to see it all day in a row, i get it. but that's why tags exists. that's why readmores exist. that's why dnr's exists. no one wants their vents to spread. it's, like, the opposite of that. a proper tagging system, blacklist system and website features really do good in this and protect us. Vent blogs are a matter of personal use, not notes collection. I could elaborate on that later maybe

We, as a waterfall, are doing pretty well so far. No one is posting guilt trippy stuff about politics or world news pressuring us into reblog it. I can't see any hate blogs, critical blogs or even hate tags. Most people even understand that sometimes it's much more productive to directly ask you to change stuff without being vague and salty all over the place. But people also feel negative emotions, all of them do. You are angry at your bugs, people are upset about other things. 

And i find it cool that we are living breathing human beings, not some identical smiley masks we put on our faces, and i kinda hope it stays that way. 

(All it takes to maintain a welcoming environment if you are not an ashhole is to think for like two minutes before you type. Come on, waterfall...)

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ngl i still feel like leavign waterfall
it no longer feels friendly n happy so like
its just the same as tumblr or twitter

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i mean i probably wont but idk
thells recent post abt not wanting vent blogs just got me feelin
not too keen to stick around

ngl i still feel like leavign waterfall
it no longer feels friendly n happy so like
its just the same as tumblr or twitter

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y'all want some salty posts or nah? 

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I wish there was a scientific way to explore spiritual stuff. This would make alien lore so much easier for me.

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Spirituality, religion and the like likely first formed with the basis of like. Early mans explanations for thigns they could not explain, that we can now explain using science. And also you can use the science of psychology to explain why people Still believe in sucgh things.

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All of this is very true... hmmm... time to google search "how to use anthropology to figure out spirituality and beliefs"

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Like if you're trying to make lore for ur characters u can sorta think of it the same way humans did if u want it to be similar

> being cant understand why x event would happen
> being cant find any reason why due to lack of science
> being tries to find a reason
> being determins its a higher power
> this puts beings mind at ease as now they "understand" it

Like humans are always looking for answers and we reach those answers even without all of the evidence. Some of the things written in holy texts or ancient books can be explained today by science. A good example is the solar eclipse mentioned in the bible (I can't remember when but when Jesus was crificied or came back or something like that). The people back then, if this event happened, wouldn't know what a solar eclipse was. To them, the sky went dark and the sun went out. The only way they could explain it and be at peace would be that it was God who had done it. Or how people believed volcanic eruptions meant the gods were angry with them.

If you looked into the scientific explanations as to why humans always want answers for things, and the psychological benefits of it, you can sorta. Explain why such belief systems might exist.

Even most religions have a common theme of an afterlife. This theme allows for humans to cope better with the concept of death. Which means they can be at peace during their life.

It's stuff like that you can look into and explain?